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Iron Star Equestrian is proud to present the only Jumper Derby in the North Florida Area!


Jumper Derbies are a test of your horses willingness to jump a mix of Stadium type fences and Cross Country fences. Courses of 15 fences are timed and the fastest time/lowest faults wins. Each rail on the Stadium type fences is 4 faults and refusals are 4 faults.


Derby height is 2'3" - 2'6".


We give special festive ribbons for the Derby.





March 24, 2012

September 15, 2012 - Special Derby Day Horse Show       *Info Below*

December 8, 2012




September 15, 2012

Iron Star Equestrians Derby Day Horse Show


Four heights of Derby fences in the beautiful, rolling hills of the back pasture at Gray Lily Farm.

Each division will have a prize for the winner and fun, festive ribbons first through sixth.



12"-18" -  Duckling

2' - Froggie

2'3"-2'6" - Bear

2'9"-3' - Tiger