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Nomination Awards!!


Listed below are the standard awards that will be given. If you'd like a special award given (be creative!!), please contact Sarah. If you'd like to Nominate someone for one of the awards below, please contact Sarah and make sure to explain why you'd like to nominate this person/horse. For a description of the Nomination Awards, please scroll to the bottom.


"Tony the Pony" Award

Sportsmanship Award

Best Fall 2011

PCHT Groom of the Year 2011



Point Based Awards

PCHT Trainer of the Year 2011

 *More Coming Soon*



"Tony the Pony" Memorial Award - Essentially it's the Horse of the Year. Nominate your favorite horse from the PCHT series. It doesn't have to be the horse that places the most. It just has to be a horse that steals your heart.


Sportsmanship Award - A rider who has good sportsmanship and you see it. For Example: November PCHT, the winner of the CT division received 2 saddle pads. She gave the second pad to the other girl in her division so she could have a prize too. That deserved recognition.


Best Fall 2011 - We're not condoning unsafe riding but the rider who has the most memorable fall throughout the year. HOPEFULLY no one will win this!!


PCHT Groom of the Year 2011 - A groom is a parent, friend or significant other who has stood around at the gate, wiped spit off your horses mouth, cleaned your boots and handed water bottles who deserves a little recognition as well. This doesn't have to be your own groom either. If you see someone elses groom doing a good job, feel free to nominate them.